Rebecca Traister on Salon encapsulates my own mental conflict:

“Voting for the white guy — based on how I feel about the “issues” — would have afforded me a guilt-free way to rise above the nasty psychobabble of identity politics taking place between the two people who actually have a chance in hell of becoming president. I wouldn’t have to get my hands dirty by choosing between two very similar candidates whose major differences seem to swirl around their race and gender; I wouldn’t have to tap one under-represented population on the shoulder and say, “I pick you to advance first”; I wouldn’t have to entangle myself in the extremely sticky question of how, exactly, my gender and my feminist politics are supposed to be guiding me here.”

Ultimately, I’m coming down on the side of Clinton, and again, Traister nails why:

“When I think about doing the deed, I consider the fact that she’s brilliant, that she’s competent, that she knows her shit inside and out, that she’s battle-tested, tough as nails, and that she wipes the floor with Obama in the debates. She provides a steel-solid track record, he a nimbus of vague hope.”

Clinton has been vetted for 20 years; I doubt there’s anything left to SwiftBoat her. There’s been 8 years of disastrous Monkey Rule, and a rather overwhelming mess to clean up – I think she’s the stronger candidate all around.

Now, if only I could actually vote.