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Via Echidne of the Snakes:

Yes, the misogynist boys of the blogs are still there, bonding over their hatred of Hillary Clinton and other women. Yes, they are a blight on the leftist blogosphere, they ARE the exact equivalent of the racists in putrid bloom on Republican blogs. The big difference is that they are damaging OUR effort to push the agenda of progressives, liberals and leftists. By attaching themselves like toxic limpets to Barack Obama, they are creating a problem for his campaign. Clearly their boy bonding is more important to them than his winning the election.

They need to be told to shut up and, since they don’t have very long attention spans, don’t care about the damage they do to the left and can’t be reasoned with, they need to be told to shut up repeatedly. They don’t hear women’s voices, they need to be made to hear them.

They divide us, weaken us and give our enemies ammunition to use against us, and most topically, they damage our candidates. They must be made to feel uncomfortable, they need to be inhibited, they need to be given cooties.

Sexism has to be made an unacceptable form of expression just as racism and homophobia does and that depends on us calling them on it constantly. You can depend on them using the “I was being ironic” dodge when you do, don’t fall for that one. Since the word has been stretched out of any coherence, irony is now the lowest form of humor, it is the last refuge of bigots.

I propose that the randomly chosen day, October 18, 2008, should be “Tell Sexist Blog Boys To Shut Up Day”. Having no organizational talent, spreading the word will depend on others. I hope the habit takes and they are made to feel our anger with them.

Personally, I think every day should be “Tell Sexist Blog Boys to Shut Up Day,” but this works for me too. I doubt the blogger boiz will care – I mean, it’s just the wimminz, being all bitchy and whingey, like alwayz! – but, in my opinion, telling them to shut up en masse is an intrinsically satisfying endeavour. If it feels good, do it, etc.


(Of course, the point may be moot after tonite, as early reports indicated not-fabulous support for Clinton in New Hampshire. Nonetheless.)

So, like, did you guys know that Hillary Clinton is a stone-cold bitch, a manipulative harpy, and an emotional wreck? Did you know that she is both too serious and that her laugh is a shrill, nerve-grating cackle? (Not unlike a witch! OMG coincidence!)

And did you hear about how she CRIED? She cried! Like a big girl, with a breastesses and a vagina and everything! (Except that she didn’t.) (And when she doesn’t cry, she’s “screechy.” VAGINA.)

Know what didn’t make the news? How she handled a stunt from two shock jock flunkies:

On a day when no one can stop talking what a huge, hysterical girl Hillary Clinton is, because she got choked up talking about her passion for this country and what she believes is best for it, Hillary Clinton also had to stand there while a misogynist fuckwit chanted “Iron my shirt!” at her, and then she had to laugh if off like it didn’t matter, didn’t affect her, didn’t trip her stride in the slightest; she had to keep on doing her job in spite of some insignificant piece of shit trying to humiliate her just for being a woman, and she gracefully turned that vicious attempt to demean her into a chance to note something she ‘loves’ about campaigning.

That, friends, is a tough fucking lady.

Of course, after the event, there were the inevitable rumours that she had staged the entire incident. Because, manipulative! Witch!

And, today when confronting Chris Matthews (who, if you’re not aware, nearly wets his pants every time they discuss the possibility of Hillary in the White House in an executive capacity):

During a press availability on the campaign trail in New Hampshire this weekend, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was pressing Sen. Hillary Clinton about how her plan to bring U.S troops home from Iraq differs from her competitors. Then it got weird(er):

Matthews: “Please come on the show.”

Clinton: “Yeah, right.”

Matthews: “Is that an answer?”

Clinton: “You know, I don’t know what to do with men who are obsessed with me. Honestly, I’ve never understood it.”

Later, Sen. Clinton walked over to Matthews. He pinched her cheek. She grazed his with her hand and said in a mother-to-child tone, “Oh, Christopher. Baby.” Matthews mumbled, “It’s not an obsession.”


As a commenter at Shakesville marveled: “I love the way she treated him like a little boy and then moved on as if he were a nobody…which he is.”

For fucking serious.

Look, I’m not thrilled with everything HRC has said or done, or what she’s voted for, etc. But 80% is fucking close enough, and if I add in bonus points for sheer grit and overwhelming evidence of the fucking ovaries of steel this woman has had to have to get through 30-odd years of sexist bullshit in the public eye? I am so fucking down with the idea of her as president. That woman is badass.

More on why fighting this sexist bullshit matters, from Melissa McEwan. (Hint: It’s not just about Hillary. Which is why I’m writing about it regardless of her performance in the New Hampshire primary.)

Edit: 10:52 pm – Fuck that noise, they’re calling it for Hillary! This is what I get for passing by the blog of some asshole liberal white dude who was crowing about how Hillary hadn’t any votes as of noon. Lesson: never listen to liberal white dudes on political blogs, at least when it comes to HRC.

Solidarity, sister.