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Dear Barack:

Which ‘late-term abortions’ do you oppose, exactly? Those caused by “all those irresponsible, fickle, ninny-brained straw-women who decide willy-nilly they want abortions” when they’re “feeling blue”? Those mythical ones that do not exist?

Pregnancy is not physically comfortable, Barack, nor does society often look kindly upon the choice we make, whatever it may be.  Since women (even the dirty, whorey ones!) don’t often subject their bodies to supporting a fetus for seven months or more unless they really want to, the likelihood that a late-term abortion is done for any other reason than the “health and life of the woman” is slim-to-nil.

A piece of advice? After two presidential terms under which the reproductive rights of half the population have been under steady, unrelenting attack, the year you beat out this woman* to become the presumptive nominee? Is not the year to be fucking around with the pro-choice base of your party. People are likely to get awful… bitter.

In short – get it together, dillweed.


(*In theory, anyway.)

Oh, yeah. That’s just going to fix everything. I’m continually amazed at the DNC, and how they don’t quite understand this “democracy” they’re taking part in, let alone, y’know, any sense of history.

I think my favourite bit is this part:

The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t establish conditions to recognize the Boston Celtics as NBA Champions; Roger Federer did not demand concessions before recognizing that Rafael Nadal defeated him at Wimbledon.

Sports analogies? Seriously? Seriously? First off, way to assume a male audience, and to imply that any men who aren’t online aren’t doing things the Dudely Way, and the silly wimmin who aren’t cowtowing the way they’re supposed to just don’t get how things are done in Man-World. Secondly: not at all appropriate. Politics is never as simple as win/lose, number of points in the same way as tennis and basketball. It is a more subjective ‘sport’, with a myriad of methods of decided who ‘won’: delegate count, popular vote, potential tallied electoral college votes in those states, and – in this case – the delegate count if all 50 states are measured at full votes.

You want an appropriate sports analogy, there, Don ‘n’ Alice? I gots one for you:

South Korea have appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) over a judging error which cost Yang Tae-young a gymnastics gold.

Three judges were suspended on Saturday for the mistake which saw American Paul Hamm win the men’s all-round event.

The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) upheld Tae-young’s protest but said they could not change the outcome.

“We want this obvious misjudgment to be corrected,” a South Korea statement said. “We want fairness and justice.”

The judges denied Tae-young a tenth of a point from his parallel bars routine – the same margin which would have seen him upgraded from bronze to gold.

“The judges’ marks have to be accepted as a final decision and cannot be changed,” said the FIG in a statement.

But South Korea are determined to take the case to sport’s highest legal body.

“FIG’s sanction against judges who have not judged correctly is not enough for us to accept,” South Korea added in a statement.

Yeah, that’s more like it. One even more appropriate (and closer to my wee Canadian heart):

“The French Judge”

Judges from Russia, the People’s Republic of China, Poland, Ukraine, and France had placed the Russians first; judges from the United States, Canada, Germany, and Japan chose the Canadians. However, suspicion fell almost immediately on the French judge, Marie-Reine Le Gougne. When Le Gougne returned to the officials’ hotel, she was immediately confronted by Sally Stapleford, chair of the International Skating Union‘s Technical Committee. Le Gougne had an emotional breakdown in which she confessed that she had been pressured by the head of the French skating organization, Didier Gailhaguet, to vote for the Russian pair regardless of how the others performed.

She repeated this confession at the post-event judges’ meeting the next day. It was alleged that this was part of a deal to get an advantage for French couple Marina Anissina and Gwendal Peizerat in the ice dance competition that was to follow a few days later. However, in a signed statement, Le Gougne denied taking part in such a deal and also stated that she had truly believed the Russian pair deserved to win.

Howdya like dem sportsy apples?

Edit: I mentioned this analogy over at The Confluence, and Riverdaughter dug up this fabu video:

And welcome to my coming-out party!

“‘Coming out party?'”, you may ask. “But there are posts going back months, even years, before this post!” And yes, indeed there are. I’ve been “blogging” so to speak, since about 2002, on a little site known as Livejournal. I was introduced to the site via a posting-board friend, Back In The Olden Days, when you had to get an invite to the site to create a journal. Mostly, the design of the site was primarily designed to keep track of what’s going on in your friend’s lives on a day to day basis, even if those friends lived in the same city, or in Australia, with the handy “friend’s list” page – all of your friends’ latest hijinx, collated on the same webpage! Ingenious!

I still have that little Livejournal, but consider it a personal journal; I talk about relationships and work and all sorts of private things that I write about to share with ,and seek counsel from, my friends. But I also wrote about politics, and feminism, and all sorts of things that annoyed me about the world we lived in, and it’s become increasingly obvious that just because my friends love me, they don’t necessarily want to be held hostage to my diatribes on Keith Olbermann, especially since my inner diatribes are part of a larger internet conversation (The Feminist Librul BlogosphereTM), and the context can get lost on them. I also didn’t particularly want to advertise that personal el-Jay to the internet at large, as I often spoke of my name, and my family and my location and there are a lot of Internet Douchebags out there – as much as I’m a ranty-panted brawler, I tend to like to keep my personal life calm and stalker-free.

And so, this blog, she was borne.

Because I do enjoy providing context, I’ve imported my more political posts from my old journal. I’ve also added in an “About RKMK” and a “Blogular Map of My Brain“, the latter of which is likely to be updated pretty regularly as I come across posts that resonate with me. I’ll continue to sift through my six years of bloggery to get more depth and substance to the blog, and they’ll be backdated to the time I wrote them, as well as writing new stuff – I do tend to have a habit of excerpting a brilliant post and writing “What they said, go read it”, but in future I’m going to do a bit more. (We’ll see how that turns out.)

Anyhoo. Here I am, world. Lookitme!