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Insight into the Anti-Hillary Mind: Nice GuyTM Edition

Is it so necessary that women compete in the presidential arena? Don’t they have enough power as it is? Must they invade and occupy every last space previously inhabited by men?

I’m all for gender equality. I believe that a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model should be persuaded by society to ask a nerd or geek out on a date and pay for it, while he sits back and judges how good she is at wooing and winning him. Now THAT would be an important step toward gender equality in our society.

Posted by KSP556 at 06/07/2008 @ 01:25am

Oh, KSP556, how I wish you – and others like you – hadn’t let your sad, pathetic ego and frustrated sex drives poison the electoral process for the rest of us.  Wouldn’t therapy have been more personally productive?

Damn Penile Voters.