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If you didn’t want me voting with my vagina, maybe you shouldn’t have spent the last year calling me a cunt.”Nadai, in comments at RL.

You can’t really sum it up much more succinctly than that, can you?

(Also summing it up, though not quite as succinctly, is Dr Socks herself, documenting the atrocities.)

Happy freakin’ Election Day. Democracy, you’ve never made me feel quite so ill.


… run – do not walk – over to Anglachel to see her post today. It’s a must-read. Here’s a taste, but the whole thing is excellent, and I had trouble picking out which bit to post here:

That female identification with Hillary and later Palin has been dismissed as either irrational (vagina voting) or actually a sign of secret racism exposes the ease with which misogyny is mobilized to try to belittle, badger, and dominate. Its very ubiquity makes it unremarkable and difficult to problematize. Our arguments and explanations on how we perceive our interests to be best served are trivialized as the whines of “bitter knitters” instead of serious challenges by engaged citizens. Insisting that we be heard garners a mix of aggressive bluster and wide-eyed faux-innocence.

Misogyny deniers try to focus on just a few figures, and explain away broad actions as being reasonable responses to these despicable, polarizing broads. No, no, it’s not that we are kicking women down; it’s that Hillary’s a cold bitch! We’d like someone else. But not Ferraro, that racist, shriveled up old hag. And Chelsea is really just letting herself get pimped out. Then we defend teenage sexuality, except for that wanton slut, Bristol Palin, and her bigger slut, the mother I’d like to fuck (MILF), Sarah.But then how to explain the fury expressed at women who do not support Obama?

Go read the whole thing.

And ask him how many bright, young, politically-engaged women he thinks have read about the Palin porno or the Palin sex doll, or read the other twenty-four entries in the Palin Sexism Watch, or the fourteen entries in the Michelle Obama Sexism Watch, or the zomg 111 entries in the Hillary Clinton Sexism Watch, or any of the other thousands of bits of misogynist swill about which we’ve not written at Shakesville, just this election season, and how many of them have thought, “Well, maybe politics isn’t the place for me after all,” because we require of our female politicians a skin so thick they’re not meant to care when it’s reproduced in vinyl for the singular purpose of being cum on by men who quite possibly can’t even locate the US on a map.

Melissa McEwan, Shakesville

The Palin Porno:

It was only a matter of time. Last night, someone sent us an ad from Craigslist L.A., supposedly placed by porn producers searching for a Sarah Palin lookalike for an upcoming skin flick. It’s since been removed (perhaps they were able to cast Eva Angelina?), but here is the original text for your edification.

Sarah Palin look-alike for an adult film to be shot in next 10 days. Major adult studio. Please send pix, stats etc. ASAP Pay: $2000-3000 No anal required.

Obviously, this is disgusting and horrific, and we must demand that Vivid counter by producing a porno starring a Joe Biden lookalike immediately for parity. But also we’re intrigued — by the no-anal clause, of course, and the title potential. Our tipster suggested Impalin’ Sarah: The Pork She Couldn’t Say “No Thanks” To, but we think they’ll probably go with Drill Baby Drill.

Sigh. Pardon the pun, but Reclusive Leftist nailed it:

Today’s generation of young adults has marinated since childhood in a pornified, sexist culture in which women are relentlessly objectified, demeaned, and ridiculed. Hating on women (or should I just say “bitches” or “hos” now?) is all they really know. It’s second nature. It’s on TV, in the magazines, in the music, in the pornography. The public debasement of women is more commonplace than I’ve ever seen.

That’s why women are going to vote for Sarah Palin. Especially women over 40, because they’re the ones old enough to have grown up before the backlash, before the zeitgeist of misogyny took hold. They’ll be voting from their guts. They’ll be acting on the deep understanding that we desperately need change — and not the kind of amorphous Pepsi Generation empty promise Barack Obama specializes in.

We need to change the culture to one where women have power and respect and dignity. Where a woman can run for President or Vice-President without automatically having her likeness rendered as a sex toy. Where a woman in the White House is no big deal.

Not to be a total pessimist, but we’re all doomed.

Update, Oct 2: Larry Flynt is just expressing his free speech, dudez!

Flynt’s spokesman David Carrillo confirmed to us yesterday that the film has been shot by Hustler Video, but he wouldn’t yet reveal the title. They need only consult bloggers from humorist Mo Rocca to Choire Sicha at Radar, who upon discovery of the ad came up with such gems as “Juneau You Want It” and “Northern Xxxposure.”

Ha, ha. Ha, ha. People are just so witty.